Silverfall Complete PC Game Free Download Full GOG Version

Silverfall Complete PC Game Free Download Full GOG Version

Silverfall Complete PC Game Free Download Full GOG Version

  • Title: Silverfall Complete-GOG
  • Genre: Action, RPG
  • Developer: Monte Cristo
  • Publisher: Focus Home Interactive
  • Release Date: 20 Mar, 2007
  • Languages: English, French, German
  • File Size: 10.18 GB / Split 3 parts 4.95 GB Compressed
  • Mirrors: Send.CM, UsersDrive, MediaFire, Mixdrop

Silverfall Complete PC Game is a hack and slash action role-playing video game, developed by software company Monte Cristo for Windows. A port has been made for PlayStation Portable. An expansion for the Windows version of the game, entitled Silverfall: Earth Awakening, was released in 2008. Silverfall: Gold Edition was also released in 2008, containing the main game as well as the expansion.

Silverfall PC Game Download shares many similarities with popular games, Diablo and Diablo 2. It also has strong influences from Sacred. Players choose a character from one of four races (Human, Elf, Troll, Goblin) and develop their “class” (fighter, archer, mage, etc.) by assigning various skills as they level up. Characters can be either male or female, and gameplay will differ slightly based on the selection.

Silverfall Free Download is a quest-based game which centers around a conflict between nature and technology, allowing players to develop an allegiance to one of these areas, which allows development of additional skills and the ability to use certain alignment-based items. However, there is no ‘good’ or ‘evil’ side to aligning with either technology or nature, as both will have quests that require the player to perform dubious and altruistic acts. A ‘nature’ player may be asked to kill the overseer of a group of workers who no longer want to pollute the world with their factory, and a ‘technology’ player may be asked to exploit natural resources that will result in a loss of the livelihood of a nearby people. At the same time, either player may be asked to promise a union leader a bribe in order to break up a strike, to the detriment of his fellow workers.


Players have the ability to take on companions and summon various creatures (such as zombies, lost souls, robots and elementals) to assist them in their quests.

Known companions include:

Morka (Female Troll – ice magic/healer); aka “Morka the Good” – found in Refugee Camp
Gort (Male Troll – “tank” fighter); aka “Lord Gort” – found in Graybay
Danselame (Male Elf – fighter/berserker) – found in swamp, near elf village
Alina (Female Elf – fire magic) – found on road in wilderness
Portix (Male Goblin – archer) – found in Druid village
Dril (Female Goblin – shadow magic/healer); aka “Dril the Mechalchemist” – found in Cloudworks
Tanya (Female Human – guns) – found in Cloudworks Desert
Hulart (Male Human – air magic) – found in Gaian wilderness
All companions require that some quest be performed before they will join the player’s party, and depending on the player’s attitude towards them throughout the game they may offer more quests. They will also initiate dialogues at various moments throughout the adventure, volunteering information on the area and/or their backstory.

Skills are broken up in to 3 main categories:

melee and ranged combat (further divided into melee, ranged, technique)
use of magic (further divided into elemental, light, shadow)
racial and alignment (further divided into nature, technology, race)
Each of these 9 sub-categories comes with its own “skill tree” for the player to choose from. Players receive 4 skill points each time they gain a level, and can add them to the skills of their choice. Each individual skill can have a maximum of 10 points.

Players receive 4 attribute points each time they gain a level, and can add them to the attributes of their choice. the four attributes are strength, constitution, agility and intelligence. Items can also be used to modify attributes. As with most role-playing games, these four attributes have a direct impact on the way the player’s character evolves. Spending points in agility will increase their effectiveness with a bow, spending points in strength will increase their damage with melee weapons. Intelligence directly affect the amount of ‘Power’ the character has to spend on magic and special attacks and Constitution directly affects the amount of health the character has.

Items can be found as loot from killing monsters, bought from merchants or won as quest rewards. All items range in quality from ordinary to unique, as well as ranging in level (i.e. an item may be short sword level 38 ultimate). A particular item’s level and quality is highly dependent on the area obtained and the character’s level, rarely ranging far from the characters level at the time they obtain the item.

In the players inventory, and the inventories of their companions, there are slots for body armour, gloves, boots, a backpack, an earring, a necklace, a ring, a helmet, ranged weapons and two hand weapon slots, the off-hand slot of which can be used for either a secondary weapon or a shield. The player has the ability to decide what is in these slots not only on their own character, but on both of their companions, though all items not in use are kept in a ‘communal’ inventory, rather than three individual inventories. The equipment a character can equip is dependent not only on their strength, but also on their allegiance, i.e. A nature player cannot equip technological implants.

Silverfall Full Game for PC, like most other RPGs, has both campaign quests essential to the storyline and optional, secondary quests. NPC’s offering quests will show up on the mini-map as green dots, and a green arrow on the mini-map will show the direction the player needs to go in to complete the selected secondary quest. Secondary quests are beneficial for the experience the character receives for completing them, the rewards offered, the loyalty shifts between nature and technology and the possibility of companions joining. Campaign quests are given to the character by plot central NPCs, such as the child of the Archmage of Silverfall whom the PC meets at the beginning of the game. The arrows for these quests show up as yellow on the mini-map and generally have smaller rewards than those offered by secondary quests.

Silverfall PC Game Screenshot

System Requirements


  • System: Windows 7/8/10
  • Processor: 2 GHz
  •  Memory: 512 MB RAM
  • Graphics: 3D, 128 MB, Direct X® 9.0c compatible (Nvidia FX 5200, ATI 9500 or better)
  • DirectX: 9.0c
  • Storage: Direct X® 9 compatible
  •  Other: 11 GB free hard drive space

How to install?

1. Extract
2. Run “setup_silverfall_gold_edition_1.50_(41166).exe”
3. Play the game


Silverfall Complete PC Game Full Version Highly Compressed

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