All the rar files you download from our site is “” (With Case Sensitive)

Why we use Password?

Many users of our site comment or usually ask why we always Password Protect the game files before posting on our site?

The Answer

So the answer for this is that we have to do it. We upload these files on expensive and High Quality Servers to give our users the resumeable links and fastest possible download speeds. And the as the size of almost all the games is usually in GBs that is huge. So it eats up too much of server bandwidth when a user downloads it. And our competitors or people from other sites just Copy and Paste these download links on their own sites, that makes our servers busy and create problems. So to prevent them from doing this, we have to password protect our game files so that our users can get Maximum Speeds while downloading and Minimum Server Issues.

We hope now you understand our situation and reason to do it.

Request Game

If you want a specific edition or version or any other game for pc, Please let us know about it by posting or leaving a comment