Hitman 1 CODENAME 47 PC Game Free Download Highly Compressed

Hitman 1 CODENAME 47 PC Game Free Download Highly Compressed


  • Title: Hitman Codename 47-GOG
  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Shooter
  • Developer: IO Interactive
  • Publisher: IO Interactive
  • Release Date: 23 Nov, 2000
  • Languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish
  • File Size: 130 MB / Single Link Compressed
  • Mirrors: Direct, Mirrored.to, Gofile, UsersDrive

Hitman 1 PC Game is a stealth computer game created by IO Interactive and distributed by Eidos Interactive for Microsoft Windows only. It is the main part of the computer game series of hitman.

The story focuses on Agent 47, an inheritedly developed human clone marked with an ink scanner label on the back of his head and is fully prepared for assassination techniques. After moving away from a bureau of evidence, 47 is hired by the Agency, a European contract murder agency. His main goal is taking him to parts of Asia and Europe to kill rich and immoral criminals.


Hitman Codename 47 PC Game takes place from the third individual point of view, but the control setup is like a first-person shooter, as 47 development is limited to spinning, attack and progress. Each level takes place in an open state filled with non-player characters such as normal people and equipped shooters. Although the mission criteria may change, the aim is usually to find the 47th distributed target and kill them by any conceivable method. Although the path seems straight, it can be thought of with different approaches to accomplish the mission and achieve a goal, especially without reacting to a goal.

The detour basically emphasizes hidden and silent applications without increasing the precautions and gives the player a bigger cash prize to do so. Penalties such as monetary diversions, for example, are punished if the player executes regular citizens but parents are not killed. Since money is used to purchase weapons and ammunition during entertainment, tartar targets to use stealth-based mechanics, camouflage, and collision for the smartest smart technique to sneak out the player.

The player can look at the corners using the bending job, which causes the 47 to bend marginally to the other side. He can climb 47 stools, but at the same time he cannot protect himself with a gun. You are also ready to jump, starting with a gallery and then the next gallery. There is a screen cursor to show which title 47 will attack. The show show includes 47’s well-being, ammo limit, kevlar stamina, and an asset bar whatever you choose. In some cases, ready messages appear with wellness reading.

This happens at any point where competitors find a corpse in the guide, or 47 suspects. The 47 armament consists of different short and long guns, a club wire and a knife. Pistols often have an excellent range, while programmed rifles and assault rifles are reduced more accurately than their targets. The 47 can also be equipped with a skilled sniper rifle coated in a single pouch that must be reassembled before use. When he finishes the rifle, 47 can tear it apart and put it in the bag once again.

Camouflage plays an important role in Hitman Codename 47 Highly Compressed. When a non-player character is killed, he can pick up 47 clothes and imitate them. This is important only for reaching enclosed areas where guards can enter. Towards the beginning of each level, 47 begins in a predetermined set. This set is the signature suit and red tie that folds the suit and leaves it at 47 locations at any point that changes the clothes. The player can imitate 47 outfits with the previous one, essentially moving towards them and choosing an alternative to change.

If 47 people take clothes from someone he killed, his mask begins to break his mask when found. As he navigates, he makes a noise and warns of threatening characters in the office. The player can use his ability to sneak to act without being recognized, which causes the 47 to squat and move slowly. Sneaking in allows 47 to buy a weapon from its stock without listening to anyone; If the player stands 47 when the player draws a gun, he plays the adjacent characters. Dead characters can always be dragged. If someone in the guide detects a body lying on the ground, it would be an undesirable matter for 47. While dragging, he lifts the 47 closest accessible legs or arms and starts lifting him, as he is coordinated by development. player. This Game Review is Written By Games4PC

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System Specification For Hitman Codename 47 Pc Game:

  • Windows 95/98/ME
  • Processor: Pentium II 300MHz
  • Ram: 64MB
  • VGA: 12MB with direct X 7.0 suport
  • Disk Space: 400MB

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