GTA San Andreas PC Game Free Download Highly Compressed [600MB]

GTA San Andreas PC Game Free Download Highly Compressed [600MB]

GTA San Andreas PC Game Free Download Highly Compressed [600MB]

  • Title: Grand Theft Auto San Andreas MULTi10-ElAmigos
  • Genre: Action, Adventure
  • Developer: Rockstar Games
  • Publisher: Rockstar Games
  • Release Date: 6 Jun, 2005
  • Languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Etc …
  • File Size: 3.34 GB Full Compressed / 600MB Single Link Compressed

GTA San Andreas PC Game Free Download is a 2004 action-adventure game developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games. This is the seventh game in the Grand Theft Auto Series and follows Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (GTA Vice City) in 2002. It was released for PlayStation 2 in October 2004 and for Microsoft Windows and Xbox in June 2005. Set in an open world environment where players can explore and interact with their spare time, the game focuses on the story of former gangster Carl “CJ” Johnson, who is brought home alone after his mother’s death. For you to join the long journey as you explore the imaginary state of the US state of San Andreas, located in California and Nevada.

GTA San Andreas Free Download contains references to many real-life elements of the world, such as its city, region, and landmarks, and its plot is set in the early 1990s, including the real-life conflict between Los Angeles. His plan was based on facts. Street gangs, epidemics from the 1980s to early 1990s, the LAPD Rampart scandal and the 1992 Los Angeles riots. Unlike its predecessor, San Andreas brought new game elements that will later be included in future games, including RPG-style mechanics, outfit and vehicle displays, and customization options, activities, and a wide variety of sports and participation. Games of chance.

Considered by many critics as one of the best video games ever made, San Andreas has been criticized for directing the music, story and game. However, some aspects of its graphics and control have been criticized. It became the best selling video game of 2004.

GTA San Andreas Game Free Download, like its predecessors, is seen as a powerful influence in the industry in video games. However, the violence and sexual content of San Andreas caused a lot of public concern and debate. Specifically, a software patch called “Hot Coffee Mode” that opens the previously hidden sex scene. In 2015, a restored HD version received the physical version for both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. In June 2018 the game was added to the Xbox One compatibility library. San Andreas was locked on various other platforms and services. Such as OS X, Xbox Live, PlayStation Network and mobile devices (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Fire OS). Grand Theft Auto IV, the next major entry in the series, was launched in April 2008.


GTA San Andreas Highly Compressed is an action adventure game with stealth and role-playing elements. Developed in the same way as the previous two games in the GTA Series, the base game contains elements of third-person shooter and driving games that allow the player to move around in a wider open world environment. While walking, the player character has the ability to walk, run, climb, swim, climb and jump, as well as various types of weapons and melee. The player can use a variety of vehicles including cars, buses, SAMs, boats, fixed wing planes, helicopters, trains, tanks, motorcycles and bicycles. In addition to playing, the player can also import cars.

The open and non-linear environment allows the player to find and choose the game they want to play. While story missions are necessary to progress in the game and unlock certain cities and content, the player can complete them in their spare time. When the stories don’t accept the missions, the player can freely roam the cities and countryside of San Andreas, dine at restaurants, or wreak havoc by attacking people. The disaster may attract unwanted and life-threatening attention from the authorities. Because of the chaos, the reaction will be just as strong: the police will manage “small” sabotage operations (attacking pedestrians, pointing guns at people, stealing vehicles, massacres, etc.), while Swat teams will respond to the highest level required by the FBI and the army. .

Players can participate in a variety of optional missions that can improve character traits or generate other sources of income. The grand theft of the past has been one of the traditional side tasks of car games such as dropping taxi passengers, setting them on fire, transporting the injured to hospitals and fighting crime as a precaution. New additions include secret missions that the player must complete on time, pimp missions, truck and train driving missions, and driving / flying / sailing / cycling schools that give the player skills they can use in their field. tools and techniques help learning.

At the beginning of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Highly Compressed, not all positions are available to the player. Some places such as mod garages, restaurants, gyms, and shops become available only after you complete a specific task. Similarly, in the first part of the game, only Los Santos and its nearby suburbs can be searched. Reopening other cities and rural areas requires certain tasks to be completed. If the player travels to locked areas in the early hours of the game, they will attract the attention of Swat crews, police and Hydra led by the police while on the plane.

Unlike Grand Theft Auto III and Vice City, which require loading screens when the player moves between different parts of the city, GTA San Andreas PC Download has no load times while the player is in transition. The game only has loading screen kits for scenes and interiors. Other differences between San Andreas and its predecessors include single-player-multiplayer rage missions (though not in the PC version) and replacing “secret packs” with spray paint stickers, hidden camera shots, horseshoes and oysters. It is. Discover.

The camera has been redesigned to include combat and targeting controls, the concepts of another rock star game Manhunt, including various hidden elements, as well as improved target cross recruitments and a target health indicator that reduces target health. It turns from green to red. The PC version of the game applies to the mouse trick: The player has to hold down the right mouse button to activate the crosshair, and then click the left mouse button to shoot or use a mouse like a camera. Must

For the first time in the series, players can swim and climb walls in GTA San Andreas Download. Swimming and diving underwater also has a great impact on the athlete, as water is no longer an irreparable obstacle that directly kills the athlete (although drowning is possible). For maximum power, the player can take dual power from firearms or shoot while driving with multiple gang members who can be recruited to follow the player. Due to the size of San Andreas, a point-to-point reticle can be set on the HUD map, helping the player to reach the target.

Other new features and changes from previous Grand Theft Auto Games include:

  • Gang War: When a player enters the enemy territory and kills at least three gang members, battles with enemy groups begin. If the player then escapes from three waves of enemies, the area will be conquered and the group’s comrades will begin to wander the streets of these areas. The more area the player has, the more money will be generated. From time to time, the player’s territory is attacked by enemy groups, and defeating them requires protection of these areas. When one of the two opposing factions in the two marked areas is requested for the main character group, the opposing group can no longer attack. When the player captures the entire territory from both opposing factions, no one can attack.
  • Car modification: Most cars in the game can be transformed and upgraded to different garages. All car modes are strictly visual, in addition to the stereo system and nitrous oxide boost, which increases the bass and gives the vehicle a faster power when activated. And hydraulic, which by default reduces the height of the car and allows the player to control various aspects of the car’s suspension. Other common changes include painting jobs, codes, body kits, side skirts, bumpers and spoilers.
  • Robbery: Continuing the tradition of debate, domestic violence has been included as a potential money-making activity.  By stealing a stolen van, the Chief Judge can enter a house at night and pick up a basket of valuables or shake its contents.
  • Mini games: San Andreas has a variety of mini games, including basketball, billiards, rhythm challenges (hydraulic dance and “jump” loader), poker, and video game machines that pay homage to classic arcade games. There are also the above mentioned casino games and gambling methods such as betting on virtual horse racing.
  • Money: The money system has expanded compared to previous games. Players can spend their money on gambling, clothing, tattoos, food, etc. They can spend it. Excessive gambling loss can force the player to sink into debt, indicated by negative red numbers. When the actor leaves the safe house, the Chief Judge receives an unexpected call and a mysterious person tells him his debts. When the mysterious man calls him for the second time, four members of the gang suddenly appear and Carl disappears.
  • Multiplayer: Crowd has been changed to allow two players to complete. Both players are shown on the screen at the same time, which means they must be close to each other. Multiplayer hesitation provides such functionality.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas PC Game Screenshots:

System Requirements for GTA San Andreas 


  • Windows XP or Windows 2000 operating system.
  • 1 GHz Pentium 3 processor or Athlon AMD Processor.
  • 256 MB RAM memory at least.
  • 64 MB Video Graphic Card Geforce 3 or higher.
  • At least 3.6 GB free Hard Disk space required.
  • Installation of software like SecuROM or Direct X.
  • The terms and services must be checked before purchasing the product.


  • Intel Pentium IV or Athlon AMD XP Processor.
  • 384 MB of RAM or even more for a better.
  • 128 MB or even better graphic memory card for the best-Recommended card is Geforce 6.
  • For a complete installation of game 7, GB hard disc drive memory required.
  • A sound card that is compatible with Direct X9 is also required. The recommended card is Sound Blaster Audigy 2.

How to Install?

  • Download the files from given link below.
  • Extract the files with winrar.
  • Open “GTA San Andreas” >> “Game” folder, double click on “Setup” and wait for installation.
  • After setup 100% complete, double click on “GTA_sa” icon to play the game. Done!


GTA San Andreas Game Highly Compressed Free Download for PC

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